System Applications


We provide training and guidance on the policies, procedures and transactional processes of the University and FAS systems depicted in the dodecohedron.

FAS System Applications arranged in a dodecohedron

System Name Description Typical Users Resources
Accellion Kiteworks

Accellion is a tool used for secure file transfer for confidential information.

Harvard staff who email documents with confidential information. Information Security Policy
Administrator's Atlas A compiliation of guides which provide administrators with a menu of the variety of resources available within the different functions within FAS.  FAS Administrators who are involved in onboarding new administrative roles, or would like an overview of the resources available for their role. Administrator's Atlas - FAS HR
Aurora Aurora is a FAS system that facilitates staff, temp/LHT, TF/TA, faculty and other academic appointment processes. Note: Aurora is replacing the FAS Personnel Information Network, ASPerIN. Staff in departments, centers and institutes who need access to view appointment-related data or who are responsible for creating appointments and processing job data changes for employees in the FAS

Fact Sheet

Aurora Knowledge Center

BCD Travel BCD Travel is Harvard's in-house travel agency that allows direct billing of airfare. Staff who book travel for themselves or on behalf of others.

Guidelines for Harvard Travelers

BRIO BRIO is an ad hoc reporting tool used to access FAS data tables. Limited to central FAS Finance staff only.  
Centerstone Centerstone is the official University system for tracking space across all buildings Administrative staff in OPRP and some department administrators who manage space utilization.

Centerstone Quicktips

Centerstone Space Walker User Guide


SUNSET 11/22/22

The FedEx Oracle procurement tool streamlines processing and provides the ability to locate the best rates, estimate transit times, and track shipments. Only Domestic Express shipments can be processed through the new FedEx Oracle procurement tool.

Contact Sean McQuarrie, FAS Procurement Director for shipping alternatives at

Harvard staff who use FedEx for Harvard-related business.

Fed Ex How-To

Fed Ex Data Collection Form

Harvard Careers Harvard Careers is the University applicant tracking system. Formerly known as Aspire. Department-level hiring managers, FAS HR consultants and coordinators. Harvard Careers Resources
Harvard Sponsored Role Portal Formerly known as the Person of Interest (POI) Portal, the Harvard Sponsored Role Portal (HSR) is a web-based administrative tool to view and update existing HSR roles and request new HSR roles.

Most benefits eligible staff are granted access to request a POI after a short, required Harvard Sponsored Role Portal TrainingDepartment Administrators act as approvers for HSRs in FAS.

HSR Resources

Harvard Training Portal Harvard Training Portal (HTP) is the University's tool for registering for system and professional development classes. Harvard Staff who will be taking a training class on a system, policy or professional development topic. Harvard Training Portal
HUIT Collaboration Tools Matrix The HUIT Collaboration Tools matrix describes the communication and work collaboration platforms supported by HUIT. This matrix provides descriptions and use cases for Harvard sponsored platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Kiteworks. Faculty, students, and staff are welcome to adopt these IT services and platforms for collaborative work. HUIT Faculty Collaboration Tools Matrix
MCB poster Scheduling MCB poster scheduling is an administrative function in Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) to schedule appointments for use of specialized printers. Faculty, researchers, students and staff who need assistance with graphic design and printing of poster. Typically used by the Sciences to announce science-related events. Print a Poster Guidelines
MIDAS MIDAS is the online application for managing identity data at Harvard University Limited to department administrators who manage identity data. Typically one user per department. MIDAS Resources
Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud-based, shared collaboration offering and is used as a University tool for email and calendaring services.

Staff and faculty with an assigned University email account. Office 365 Resources
PeopleSoft PeopleSoft is the University system to manage and track all aspects of human resources, benefits and payroll including time antry and time approval. Staff with responsibility for reviewing and approving time and absences in PeopleSoft.

PeopleSoft Overview (FAS)

PeopleSoft Resources

Position Request Portal (PREP) The PREP is the online web application that supports the Critical Position Review, an administrative and FAS leadership review of all requests for funded positions.  Department Administrators or other administrators in a department who are responsible for initiating hiring actions. The PREP permissions are tied to existing Aurora roles and access. Aurora Knowledge Center
PRESTO The FAS Office of Physical Resources & Planning work order placement system for FAS managed building support.  Used for requests regarding FAS managed buildings and facilities, and available to anyone with Harvard ID credentials How to submit a PRESTO request
RoomBook RoomBook is a FAS system for scheduling rooms. The system provides up to date room availability and approval workflow. Any FAS staff with scheduling responsibilities. RoomBook Resources
SNOW Lite SNOW Lite facilitates the processing of telephone billing changes and will be reflected the subsequent day in FAS reporting. Administrators who are responsible for phone billing.  
Travel Registry Travel Registry is a tool provided by Global Support Services (GSS) to track and support all FAS staff and students who travel abroad for personal or Harvard-related business. Any Harvard student or staff who travel abroad. Travel Registry Resources
Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom is a web meeting application for both the Harvard community and external parties. The application can be run on mobile devices and is compatible with meeting rooms across the University. 

HUIT has designed a Collaboration Tools matrix to help determine which supported technology solution will work best for your needs, such as sharing documents, connecting with colleagues, or hosting online meetings.

Open to the entire FAS Community (faculty, staff, students) and used widely across Harvard. 

Setting up your Zoom account

Zoom Resources and Support


System Name Description Typical Users Resources
Accounts Receivable (AR)

Accounts Receivable (AR) is a web-based billing and collection system for local units billing external customers. AR is a module within Oracle Financials that provides a dashboard-like view of customer and invoice, payment, and credit information that can be exported or printed.

Limited to financial staff in departments who use Oracle AR. Accounts Receivable Resources
AP Adjustments / Fixed Assets AP Adjustements / Fixed Assets is a module within Oracle Financials which tracks the life cycle of capital equipment including record keeping for acquiring, maintaining, protecting and properly disposing of capital equipment.
Individuals who are responsible for managing and tracking capital equipment.

Capital Equipment website



Buy2Pay Procurement System Buy2Pay is an end to end online procurement system for the Harvard Community. B2P users can now submit Purchase Orders, Payment Requests, and Non-employee reimbursements all online in the B2P system. B2P also includes a supplier portal and contract repository, and is the replacement for HCOM.  Administrators who have been granted access by their department to purchase goods and services, approve purchases, request new suppliers, or manage contracts.


FAS Project Page & End User Resources

Chart of Accounts Validator The Chart of Accouts (CoA) Validator is a web-based tool used to lookup and validate 33 digit codes. All Harvard staff with financial responsibility.  
Concur Concur is the University system for processing employee expense reimbursements (travel, corporate card). For University Resources on Concur, including Concur mobile application downloads, visit the Harvard Travel Services Concur homepage. For FAS Specific Concur user guides and Job Aids, visit FAS Concur Resources & Job Aids.

All Harvard employees (Faculty and Staff) use Concur to process their reimbursements.

Fact Sheet

FAS Concur Resources & Job Aids


FastCat Financial Aid Source Tracking and Costing Allocation (FastCat) assigns financial aid to students based in part on demographic data entered by FAADS.    
FinReport FINReport is the reporting environment for FAS.  Reports include financial reports that include actuals, budgets and forecast, security access reports, fund information including terms and gift advices, as well as audit reports for expired confidentiality agreements and phone listing.  FinReport has replaced the RUFFAS application as of April 2021. Department Administrators who track compliance or review other department financials.

Access Instructions

Report Catalog

April 2021 Brown Bag

General Ledger
(Journal Processing)

General Ledger is a module in Oracle Financials used to manage the transfer of income, expenses or correcting financial coding.

Journal Best Practices Presentation, 10/25/18

All Harvard staff with financial responsibilities.

General Ledger Resources

FAS Journal Entry Best Practices

GLACIER GLACIER is a system required to determine the tax status of visiting foreign nationals who need to be paid. Foreign individuals who require payments. GLACIER Resources
HART Harvard Analytics and Reporting Tool (HART) is the university reporting platform including: financials, grants management, student financials, cash management, and procurement. FAS departmental administrators and/or financial staff with financial responsibilities who currently use CREW to generate financial reports. Please send questions to

Project Wiki

Job Aids

Help Videos

Project Updates



Harvard Crimson Online Marketplace (HCOM) is a module in Oracle for procuring goods and services. HCOM was replaced university-wide by the Buy2Pay Procurement System for procuring goods as of December 2020. HCOM is available for historic look up purposes only

Harvard staff who are looking up information regarding procurement purchases that happened prior to 2021.  HCOM Resources
HUBS Harvard University Budgeting System (HUBS) is a tool for budgeting, forecasting and reporting departmental funds. Harvard staff with budgeting responsibilities.  
PCard Reconciliation Purchasing Cards (PCard) are for managing low dollar, high volume departmental purchases. This in-house system is used to reconcile PCard transactions and lives in the university financial applications menu. Faculty assistants or staff assistants with purchasing responsibilities. PCard Policy
TouchNet uStores

TouchNet is a secure payment solution for departments who sell goods and services to external customers.  TouchNet processes credit cards and can also be configured to set up non-revenue generating event registration tracking.

Administrators with financial or event manager management duties. TouchNet Application
Web Voucher Inquiry Web Voucher Inquiry is a web-based tool to lookup staff reimbursements prior to December 2017. Harvard staff with financial responsibilities.  


System Name Description Typical Users Resources
eCert Effort Certification and Reporting (eCert) is a web based tool to facilitate the effort certification and reporting process. Supports the Annual Faculty Effort Certifications and Quarterly Project Effort Certifications. Harvard PIs/faculty and other academic appointees who have effort on federal awards certify their salary. eCert Resources
GMAS Grants Management Application Suite (GMAS) is the University's system of record for proposals, awards, financials, and documentation related to sponsored projects. Supports the end-to-end grant life cycle process. Individuals in departments who have responsibility for creating or reviewing proposal data. GMAS Resources
PI Dashboard PI Dashboard is a new reporting and projection tool for faculty and financial staff to report on funding sources and project future expenses. The PI Dashboard serves as a one-stop-shop that provides a comprehensive and accurate view of expense data, detailed reporting, dashboards and analytics.

Faculty and staff including departmental administrators, financial administrators, sponsored research administrators, and faculty.

Fact Sheet

HUIT Knowledge Base Articles

Note: Visit the 'Documentation' section in PI Dashboard for
additional documentation
and FAQs.

Sponsored Budget Tool

Sponsored Budget Tool is designed to help faciliate the process of managing a sponsored budget. A sponsored budget is the budget of record for the sponsored award and maintenance of this budget is mandatory for all grants and contracts.

Individuals in departments who have responsibility for managing a sponsored budget.

Harvard Training Portal

Office for Sponsored Programs


System Name Description Faculty, Teaching Staff, and Students Resources
Accessible Education Management & Reporting Currently an APEX program to manage students with accessible education accomodations. To be replaced by AIM, solution for management of the complete Accessible Education process. Harvard staff who manage students with accessible eduation accommodations. Accessible Education Office
ARIeS Academic Recruiting Information eSystem (ARIeS) is the on-line portal for academic hiring at Harvard. Individuals who are interested in applying for an academic position at Harvard. Also used by reference providers for prospective academic appointment applicants. ARIeS Resources

Canvas is the learning management system used for course websites at Harvard. Instructors can post syllabi and course materials, collect and grade assignments, and foster student interaction.

Harvard faculty who are responsible for managing a course.

Canvas Resources


Centralized Application for Research and Travel (CARAT) Database for Grants and Fellowships is an electronic tool for both Harvard students and external applicants to submit research, public service, study abroad, and purposeful travel application or funding requests for such opportunities from many different funding sources.

Students and external applicants. CARAT Resources

The Central Application for Teaching Sections (CATS) is a tool academic departments use to make teaching fellow (TF) opportunities visible to graduate students.

Staff in academic departments and graduate students.  
fCOI Financial Conflicts of Interest (fCOI) is the University's financial interest internal disclosure system. All Harvard faculty and individuals with teaching appointments are required to internally, confidentially disclose certain outside financial interests at least annually.

fCOI Resources (Policy, Definitions, Training)

FAS fCOI Resources (Disclosure Reporting Procedures)

FastCat Financial Aid Source Tracking and Costing Allocation (FastCat) assigns financial aid to students based in part on demographic data entered in FAADS. Staff who are responsible for managing financial aid for students.  

Financial Aid Activity and Demographics Summary (FAADS) is the University system for students to enter supplement information in support of their request for federal or institutional student aid.

Students seeking federal or institutional student aid. Financial Aid Resources

FAS Sponsored Project Accounting Reports (FASSPAR) is a tool that provides a suite of reports for a principal investigator’s sponsored accounts.

Principal investigators and research administrators. FASSPAR Introductory Guide
Final Assessment Final Assessment Information is used by all teaching faculty to declare a final assessment method for each course. All teaching faculty and staff in the Registrar's Office.  
Freshman Seminars Freshman Seminars is an online interface for students and faculty to manage seminar applications and assignments.  Staff and faculty who manage seminar applications and assignments Freshman Seminars Resources

Applications for College Residential Positions Portal (HORATIO) is used by Residential Life Office to manage applications, references, and review for residential life positions (e.g., tutor, proctor) in the housing system.

  HORATIO Resources
my.harvard my.harvard is the University's student information system (SIS) that is used by advisors to manage courses and engage with students, by students to register for classes, and by departments to plan and administer courses. Students, faculty, advisors, and staff who access and manage student information.


my.harvard Project Website

HUIT Academic Technology HUIT Academic Technology provides a variety of technologies and consultative services to support teaching, learning, and community engagement in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Students and faculty using technology to facilitate remote learning and remote community engagement.   
HUIT Faculty Collaboration Tools Matrix The HUIT Collaboration Tools matrix describes the communication and work collaboration platforms supported by HUIT. This matrix provides descriptions and use cases for Harvard sponsored platforms such as Zoom, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. FAS faculty. FAS Staff Collaboration Tool Matrix
NORA Non-Residential Application Portal (NORA) allows GSAS students to request a leave of absence or to study outside Harvard. GSAS students and staff who are responsible for managing student's leave of absence requests.  

Outside Award Reporting System (OARS) is used by Harvard College students to report outside monetary awards to the Financial Aid Office.

Harvard College students and financial aid administrators.

Online Placement Exams

Online Placement Exams is a web-based application to create, modify, administer and report on placement exams. Exams (offered twice a year) are designed by individual academic departments to help Harvard College students select the classes that are most appropriate for their course of study.

Incoming freshman, undergraduates and graduate students. Online Placement Exams Resources
OrgSync (OSL Hub) OrgSync (OSL Hub) is used to manage student life communities. Leaders of undergraduate student groups and administrative staff in the Office of Student Life.  
Roster Wizard Used by House Administrators to create pages of student and/or staff photos along with annotated descriptive information which is used for printed house facebook. House Administrators.  
Section Allocation Tool The Section Allocation Tool (SAT) is used by department administrators and the Office of Undergraduate Education to communicate about section allocations for courses, and to record those communications. Department Administrations and OUE staff who are responsible for managing section allocations for courses. SAT Resources
Slate Slate is admissions software used by Harvard College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS) to manage the university application process. Staff who are responsible for managing the university application process. Slate Resources

SPECTRA is the FAS tool for tracking supplemental pay, effort commitment tracking and request application. According to Harvard’s Effort Reporting Policy, University faculty are expected to certify their time to sponsored awards commensurate with the committed effort expended on activities they perform.  Payroll charges to sponsored awards, and cost sharing recorded for faculty, serve as the initial data points for the University’s effort reporting system.

FAS faculty. SPECTRA Resources
StarRez StarRez is a residential tool by the Harvard College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS) to manage housing for the University's undergraduate and graduate students. Students and staff (House Administrators) who access and manage student housing information.