Buy2Pay Supplier Portal FAQs

Buy2Pay Supplier Portal FAQs


How will existing suppliers be ported to the new Supplier Portal?

The current HCOM supplier database will be ported over to the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal by Central Procurement prior to June 3, 2019.  Existing suppliers will not need to be invited, but they will not be set up with a Buy2Pay supplier portal login. Suppliers that have been inactive for 18  months will be deactivated, but their inactive profile will be available for re-activation, if necessary. 

What is the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal?

The Buy2Pay Supplier Portal will replace the HCOM supplier database and will plug into the new eProcurement system, when it is available. For now it will feed all supplier information to HCOM.  The Supplier Portal will save information such as supplier contact information, payment addresses, and tax forms. The Buy2Pay Supplier Portal will also be used to search for suppliers on a variety of fields. 

When will Harvard be making the switch to the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal?  The Buy2Pay Supplier portal will go live on Monday, June 3, 2019 for the whole University.
When is the full Buy2Pay eProcurement system going to be implemented? The Buy2Pay eProcurement module is being configured.  eProcurement is expected to be available on a rolling basis starting with early pilots in fall 2019, with University-wide access expected in 2020. 
Will the clock restart for suppliers on June 3, 2019, even if they may be approaching inactive status? No, the supplier database migration will not impact supplier activity dates. The last used date for suppliers will be migrated over from the  HCOM supplier database into the Buy2Pay supplier database. 
To what extent does the system provide instructions for  individuals who may not be familiar with this kind of system? We will be providing instructions that you can provide to suppliers (such as students, or other individuals) who are not familiar with this kind of online supplier portal.  Instructions for suppliers can be found on theFAS Administrative Operations Current Projects website, under the Buy2Pay section.
How much time do we have to reactivate an HCOM supplier who has gone inactive using the new Maintenance Request form?  How long will the database be available for lookups? The best practice recommended by Central Procurement is to invite this supplier through the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal so the supplier can update their own information.  On the back end -  Central Procurement will tag the old supplier record, and the historic info (ie – length of service, industry info) will be brought forward into the new system and added into the new supplier record.
Alternatively, if you have an inactive supplier you want to reactivate, this can be done by a maintenance request in the Buy2Pay Portal at any time.





Who is responsible for reaching out to suppliers who do not start the supplier registration process in the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal? 

Departments will be responsible for reaching out to suppliers who do not initiate the process. 

Will the system send automated updates or reminders to suppliers who do not respond to the invitation?   No, the system does not send reminders to suppliers. Departments are responsible for sending reminders.
What information is required for a supplier to complete their registration? The supplier invitation will gather information such as tax ID, supplier type, contacts, address, tax documents and diversity information.  Different information is gathered for individuals, most notably foreign individuals where GLACIER documents will need to be provided.  The Supplier Registration Summary Grid tip sheet details what is required for each supplier type.
What changes can a supplier make to their profile in the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal? A supplier who logs into the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal can make changes to any field in their record, as well as add contacts, sites, addresses and other new information or documents. 
Can a Buy2Pay Supplier Requester select a different remit site for a check?  Can a supplier have multiple active sites? Yes, a supplier profile can have multiple active sites/ addresses.
How do you make changes to an existing supplier record including adding a new site?  A supplier who logs into the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal can make changes to any field in their record, as well as add contacts, sites, addresses and other new information or documents.  A Buy2Pay Supplier Requestor can send a maintenance request through the system to Central Procurement to request updates to supplier records, such as: updates to sites, supplier name changes, changes to supplier types and updates to payment methods for suppliers who may not have the ability to update their records themselves (e.g. hospitals, companies with many sites, foreign individuals).
Is the supplier prompted to complete their registration in the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal? A supplier will receive an initial email to complete their registration in the  Buy2Pay Supplier Portal. If the supplier does not log in to complete this process, the system has an option for a Requester to resend an invitation to the supplier. There are no automated prompts for this request.
Who does the supplier get the email from? The invitation email will come from This is also the email that suppliers can use to email Central Procurement with questions related to their supplier profiles.
When is it appropriate to use a Request vs. an Invite vs. Proxy Registration? The Supplier Registration Summary Grid tip sheet details which registration method is most appropriate for each supplier type.
If you are not the original requester of a supplier, will you be notified when the supplier is set up?  No, only the original requester will receive notification when a supplier set-up is complete.  However, any Buy2Pay Supplier Requestor can check the status of the supplier onboarding process within the system.
What is the process to re-activate a supplier? You should log into the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal and complete a maintenance request form to make changes to a record, including supplier re-activation. A maintenance request form can be used for: updates to sites, supplier name changes, changes to supplier types and updates to payment methods.
How can l invite a BER as a supplier? Will the system ask a reduced number of questions for this supplier type? The best practice for inviting a BER supplier is to use the Request option, where a Buy2Pay Supplier Requestor fills in most of the information, and selects a BER supplier as part of the process. The system is designed to ask for a reduced number of required documents for a BER vendor. See the BER section in the Supplier Registration Summary Grid tip sheet for more details on registrering this supplier type.
What is a Buy2Pay Supplier Requester's responsibilities around disclosing a conflict of interest during the supplier registration process? What checks and balances are involved and how will the University research these potential circumstances? Buy2Pay Supplier Requestors are required to comply with ROPPA, the Procurement Policy, and Conflict of Interest policy at all times. (see Procurement Policy Appendix A: Conflict of Interest for guidance)
What is the expected turnaround time for the vendor setup team to completed their approval in the system? The turn around time for approval from Central Procurement should not change from today's current service level agreement, which is 48 hours.

Foreign Suppliers


How does the Buy2Pay supplier registration process for foreign individuals work alongside GLACIER? 

The foreign supplier will need to complete BOTH the GLACIER process and registration in the supplier portal for the foreign supplier to receive payment.  Please see the GLACIER & Buy2Pay Supplier Portal workflow diagram in the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal Registration Grid tip sheet for the steps to complete both processes together.

Where is the user visa type information captured in the new system?  Can you upload the requested materials from Glacier into B2P? Copies of visa stamps? Yes, the Buy2Pay supplier portal has been configured to upload the appropriate Glacier materials, including visas and other tax forms, such as a W-8. 
Is a W-8BEN required for foreign suppliers? Yes, W-8's will be required for all foreign entities regardless of where the work is being performed.  The Supplier Portal provides a pre-populated tax document the supplier can complete online in the event they do not have one.
When the foreign national is required to complete the Glacier process, can you start a portion of the setup process and then come back after Glacier is completed? Yes, the system saves progress. A supplier can exit to complete GLACIER and come back into the system to finish the registration.


How do I avoid duplicating an existing supplier?

Upon starting the supplier invitation, request or proxy registration process, the supplier portal will provide a pop-up screen of potential duplicate suppliers if a match is found on the name or TIN.  The supplier portal searches both the entire list of suppliers currently onboarded as well as those which were migrated from the HCOM supplier database. 

How long does it take for a supplier to sync from the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal to HCOM/ Oracle?  The sync between the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal and Oracle (HCOM's database) runs every minute, and after Central Procurement approval, supplier information will be uploaded in near real time.
Will the system know what information or forms are required for completion by supplier type? Yes, the system is dynamic and will only show relevant fields based on the supplier type you select and based on the answers the supplier provides during registration. 
Can any Buy2Pay Supplier Requestor monitor the status of a supplier's onboarding progress even if they didn't invite the supplier?  All Buy2Pay Supplier Requesters can view the supplier work flow for any supplier.  This is an option on the left navigation menu of the supplier module.
If a supplier already has a Jaggaer login with another institution, will they need to re-enter their details for our Buy2Pay system? No. The Jaggaer system will pre-populate for suppliers who already registered elsewhere. 
What are the differences between the address types in the registration form? A fulfillment address indicates a purchasing address while a remittance address indicates a payment address.  A physical address can be used for mailing address purposes.  The address identified as the primary fulfillment address will be the tax reporting site for that supplier.
Do we need to use wildcards when we search for suppliers in the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal? How do we narrow a search?  You won't need to use wildcards in searches. The search function in the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal is a fuzzy search.  Users can also search using filters or attributes about suppliers to get a list of matches. An advanced search capability is available which allows searches on partial or full matches of supplier name, supplier sites, and other record fields.
Does the system check for out of date supplier information? There are a few controls to address out of date information. First, the system runs expiration date checks against our inactive supplier time frame (18 months). Second, Buy2Pay users can instruct suppliers or payees, like students, to login and update their contact details. Third, the system has an audit history against last changed dates.
How often will suppliers be deactivated in the Buy2Pay Supplier Module? Deactivation times for inactive suppliers are not changing. Suppliers are  deactived after 18 months of inactivity. 
Will departments get a notification if a supplier has NOT completed set up? No, there are no automated notifications if a supplier has not completed set up, however, any Buy2Pay Supplier Requestor can check the status of a supplier onboarding process in the supplier portal.  The original Requester can also send a reminder invitation to a supplier.
Will the system send a notification that the supplier setup is completed?  Who will receive it? Yes, but only to the Harvard Buy2Pay Supplier Requester who initiated the invite or the request. The supplier is also notified when their setup is complete.


Where can I go for support with the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal? 

Support Reason 

 Support Resource

Harvard FAS End User with questions

ASAP team for training and general support questions:

Procurement team for policy questions:

Supplier Onboarding Team for questions/ issues with supplier records or requests:
(617) 495-8500, ext. 3

Supplier with questions

For technical support: Jaggaer Supplier Network Support
(800) 233-1121

For Harvard specific support, including attaching appropriate documentation or completing registration information, contact the Supplier Onboarding Team: 
(617) 495-8500, ext. 3

Harvard FAS End User with technical problem HUIT Service Desk:
Harvard FAS Administrator adding additional supplier portal users FAS Finance Security:
Harvard FAS Community member with general feedback or requests Buy2Pay Project Team: