Buy2Pay eProcurement

About Buy2Pay eProcurement

Buy2Pay eProcurement is an online tool which powers Harvard’s electronic solution for the end-to-end procurement process. The eProcurement system enables departments to buy what they need quickly, securely, and cost-effectively from established punch-out suppliers, catalog vendors, or non-catalog suppliers using purchase orders. The system also provides a mechanism for paying suppliers via payment request for reimbursements or other after-the-fact payments. Since the system is online, the eProcurement tool eliminates the need to collect, manage, and store paper documents in departments and provides greater workflow transparency and order status updates to departments and suppliers.

FAS Procurement is responsible for approving any purchase over $50,000, which is automatically routed to them via the eProcurement system. FAS Procurement can also help your department with questions around strategic sourcing, reporting, supplier management troubleshooting, AP inquiries, system troubleshooting or working with University Finance Administration.

Buy2Pay Resources and Support

General Support

Visit Harvard Accounts Payable (AP) Buy2Pay Webpage for eProcurement user resources such as quick reference guides, system e-learning classes, FAQs, the Buy2Pay Updates Blog, and AP Support

For specific procurement topics such as early pay discounts, equipment leasing, and the procure-to-pay manual of procedures, visit Strategic Procurement’s Resources page for more detailed documentation. You may find Strategic Procument's Cost Savings Tips & Guidelines for Purchasing to be a helpful resource. For specific purchase questions, contact FAS Procurement for support.

FAS Specific eProcurement Processes

Instructions for ordering animals through the FAS Office of Animal Resources:

Instructions for ordering Controlled Substances

Contact your department’s controlled substances administrator or Shanna deBlieck, Associate Director for Science Operations, to place a controlled substances order in Buy2Pay.

Procuring on-site laboratory supplies in the VWR Stockroom

Note: Before placing an on-site order with the VWR stockroom, the Shopper needs to be authorized by their department’s Financial Office to make stockroom purchases.

The VWR stockroom is located on campus in the basement of 16 Divinity Ave, Cambridge.

Approved FAS shoppers can choose items in the stockroom and purchase from the VWR stockroom staff. Shoppers are required to show their ID and provide the Requestor’s name, Faculty Member’s Name, project name, and 33-digit code to be charged.  The transaction is complete from the shopper’s point of view.

The VWR Stockroom staff will create and assign a Purchase Order in eProcurement and route this order to the identified Requestor. The Requestor submits the Purchase Order for approval, and the eProcurement system routes the approvals based on the 33-digit coding string provided.

Purchasing on Sponsored Funding

For support with purchasing items on a Federal sponsored funds, or Federal contract requirements, visit FAS Research Administration Services’ Spending Sponsored Funds webpage for guidelines or contact your FAS Research Administration officer or local grants manager.

Adding users to Buy2Pay eProcurement

Most roles at the University are automatically granted Shopper access in eProcurement. If you need to add a Requestor or Approver Role, your department’s authorized requestor must complete the Harvard Financial Systems Access Request form and submit to FAS Application Security at

eProcurement Forms

Most eProcurement forms are directly integrated into Buy2Pay eProcurement, but some transactions require use of an AP Form. Visit the AP Forms website to find the Homeland Security Form, In Lieu of Form, and Deposit/Pre-payment forms, along with guidance on when and how to use the forms.

To process a Homeland Security Form, please use the following object codes:

  • For Visa fees-Premium Processing fee use object code 8360
  • For Visa fees & Fraud Prevention and Detection use object code 8360