Onboarding Toolkit

For new FAS Employees:

The FAS Onboarding Toolkit contains the following resources for onboarding a new employee to the FAS.

For new FAS Faculty:

For information specific to onboarding a new Faculty member, please visit the comprehensive Onboarding Overview for New Faculty guide on the FAS Faculty Resources website.

For new FAS Person of Interest (POI) affiliations:

To request a Person of Interest (POI) affiliation role, use the FAS Person of Interest (POI) Authorized Identity Request FormPOI roles are given to non-FAS employees such as a vendor, collaborator, tenant, or volunteer for access into FAS buildings or to FAS resources. This form must be submitted to Harvard University Information Technology Identity and Access Management (HUIT IAM) via email at iam_help@harvard.edu by a Department Administrator or Executive Director only. For more details, please download the FAS Person of Interest (POI ) Request fact sheet.

Please note: if your new POI will require a Harvard ID card, submit the request 2 - 3 days prior to their anticipated arrival at the ID office.  The Harvard ID office does not process POI forms and will not be able to create an ID card for a POI requested same-day.

For new Employee Orientation and Review:

For more information and guidelines on the Onboarding and Orientation and Review Period, visit the FAS Human Resources website. If you are onboarding a new Administrator to Harvard, the Administrator's Atlas provides an overview of the resources availble in the different functional areas of the FAS.