FAS-HUIT Project Review Board (PRB)

What is the Project Review Board (PRB)?

The Project Review Board (PRB) is comprised of senior administrators from FAS and HUIT and is charged with making recommendations to the FAS Dean of Administration and Finance regarding IT investments. 

Four staff-led IT Prioritization Committees review and submit proposals to the PRB.  The project governance process consists of a semi-annual project review—typically in May and December—in which proposals are presented, prioritized, and considered for funding.

Like the PRB, the four staff-led IT Prioritization Committees draw their membership from across FAS and include both technical experts and financial and administrative leaders:

  • Administrative Systems Advisory Group (ASAG)
  • Athletics IT Committee
  • College IT Prioritization Committee (CITPC)
  • FAS Committee on Teaching, Learning, and Research IT (TLR)

PRB Prioritization Committees graphic

During the semi-annual funding process, the Prioritization Committees review project proposals for alignment with strategic goals, potential for success, and degree of engagement with the academic or administrative groups that will be affected.  The Committees then choose the proposals that best represent their current priorities and bring those forward to the PRB.

How do I submit a project proposal to the PRB?

The PRB reviews project proposals that are reviewed, prioritized and submitted by the four IT Prioritization Committees on a semi-annual basis. Visit the PRB Process page to learn more about how to submit a project proposal to the relevant Prioritization Committee.

Who makes up the PRB?

Scott Jordan (Chair) Dean for Administration and Finance FAS

Klara Jelinkova


Vice President, University Chief Information Officer HUIT
Mary Ann Bradley Associate Dean for Administrative Operations Admin Ops
Katherine Gates Senior Director of Planning and Administrative Initiatives Admin Ops
Jay Herlihy Associate Dean for Finance FAS Finance
Gerrie Mahoney Senior Associate Director of Athletics Athletics
Jason Shaffner Managing Director, Administrative Technology Services HUIT
Sheila Thimba Dean for Administration and Finance College
Alan Wolf Managing Director, Academic Technology Services HUIT
Maureen Berry Project and Change Manager Admin Ops
David Sobel Associate Director of IT Planning and Outreach HUIT

What is the PRB's timeline?

The PRB meeting schedule is aligned with the annual HUIT budget submission to FAS. Subcommitees meet on a monthly basis to discuss projects.

PRB Timeline and workstreams

Upcoming PRB Funding Timeline


Prioritization Committee

Meeting or Deliverable

Fall 2022 All Committee Prioritization Meetings held

December 7, 2022


PRB FY23 Fall Meeting

December 2022


PRB FY23 Fall funding decisions announced

How does the PRB make funding decisions?

In December and May, project sponsors present their proposals to the PRB.  The Board reviews and prioritizes the proposals based on business impact and risk of deferral, and subsequently recommends them for approval, funding, or deferral.  The Board may also stipulate conditions or suggest other resources to support a given project. Project sponsors and Prioritization Committee members are notified shortly after the PRB meeting as to whether funding has been approved.

Chart of business impacts and risk of deferral considerations