PRB Process

The PRB process begins when a project sponsor brings a proposal forward to one of the four Prioritization Committees. A project sponsor is typically an individual or group of individuals who have identified a technology improvement or investment for their community:


Project Review Board Process diagram


Sponsors work with their Prioritization Committees to create proposals, which are typically due in March for the May PRB, and October for the December PRB. 

Download the standard template for a PRB Proposal.

Project Criteria

Projects must meet the following criteria to qualify for PRB approval:

  • Support FAS administrative, academic, or research processes
  • Have a total cost of >$25K
  • Define a planned set of interrelated IT tasks to be executed over a fixed period and within certain cost and other limitations to achieve a particular aim or benefit
  • Create new capabilities or functionality, including major upgrades of existing software
  • Comply with IT technical architecture, security, accessibility, quality, and readiness standards

Please note:  Funding cannot be for ongoing operational costs or for training.

If a project is expected to run for twelve months or more, the proposal must be split into Discovery/Planning and Implementation phases. These projects may go to the PRB for the Discovery/Planning phase review and return for an Implementation phase review at a subsequent meeting of the Board.

Submitting a Proposal

All prospective proposals must be brought to the PRB by one of the four Prioritization Committees, each of which has a different area of focus. The Prioritization Committees meet on a regularly scheduled basis to review incoming proposals in the context of the existing FAS and University applications portfolio.

If you are interested in sponsoring a proposal, please contact the relevant committee representatives below:

  • The Administrative Systems Advisory Group (ASAG) reviews projects which are administrative in nature and in general can be applied to many (or all) in the FAS. ASAG uses an Intent to Submit form for all incoming project review requests.
  • The Athletics IT Committee reviews projects which support athletics systems and initiatives.
  • The College IT Prioritization Committee (CITPC) reviews projects which support any of the functions of the college, with an emphasis on student experience.
  • The FAS Committee on Teaching, Learning, and Research IT (TLR) reviews projects which directly benefit the teaching and research enterprise in the FAS. TLR uses an Intent to Submit form for all incoming project review requests.

If you are unsure which committee would be best to review your proposal, contact David Sobel for guidance.