FAS Procurement provides support to departments who need contract services with suppliers and acts as a liaison with the University’s Strategic Contracting Group and Office of Sponsored Projects, when needed.

When engaging with a supplier for services, equipment, or goods over $25K, Strategic Procurement and OGC recommend creating a contract that uses a Harvard standard contract template and Terms & Conditions (T’s & C’s). Using a Harvard generated contract mitigates risk to the University and ensures the contract owner is fully covered legally. If you are not sure if you need a contract when engaging with a supplier, FAS Procurement can help you with decisions such as:

  • When do I need a contract and/or Statement of Work?
  • Does Harvard need to establish a Master Service Agreement with a new Supplier?
  • Is there a Harvard contract template I could use for this engagement?
  • Do I need to work with RAS or OSP on this contract or purchase?

FAS Procurement is supporting pilots of the Total Contact Management module of Buy2Pay as a replacement for the Novatis contract system. Total Contract Management (TCM) allows Contract Managers (CMs) to manage each phase of contract development, from initiation through negotiation, approval, execution, renewal, and expiration. Key features of TCM include a centrally managed and supported contract repository, budget and spend tracking, guided contract authoring, templates and clause libraries, and automated review and approval workflows that help to reduce risk and increase compliance.

Contact FAS procurement for contracting questions.

For support with contracting for items on a federal sponsored funds, or federal contract requirements, visit FAS Research Administration Services’ Spending Sponsored Funds webpage for guidelines or contact your FAS Research Administration officer or local grants manager.