Due to the breadth of systems and processes that the Administrative Operations team supports, we are involved in numerous FAS and University-wide committees. The FAS committees can be categorized as those that serve as leadership for specific applications, those that provide user support and those that facilitate our roles in change management for Human Resources, Finance, Research Administration and other general administrative tools.

FAS Committees

AdminOps FAS committees


University-wide Committees

In addition, Administrative Operations staff serve as members of the following University-wide committees:

  • Information Technology Capital Review Board (ITCRB)
  • OBI Procurement Working Group *
  • Project Review Committee (PRC)
  • OBI Training Committee
  • Concur Executive Committee
  • HTP Executive Committee
  • Concur University Working Group
  • SIS Executive Committee
  • Contingent Workforce Steering Committee
  • Harvard Phone Executive Committee
  • Data Center Advisory Committee
  • Position Tracking and Reporting Steering Committee
  • Disbursements Advisory Board
  • OBI Finance Working Group
  • Buy to Pay Executive Committee
  • File Share Executive Committee
  • Buy to Pay User Advisory Group
  • Financial Policy Review Committee
  • Strategic Procurement Leads Committee
  • Global Operations Council
  • Card Administrator Roundtable
  • HAIG Planning Committee
  • Risk Advisory Council *
  • Financial Administration Executive Committee
  • PI Dashbard Steering Committee
  • Field Support Advisory Group

* indicates that Administrative Operations staff member serves as Chair or Co-Chair