Processing Prereqs

Before ASAP can help you with your support request, please review the following pre-requisites to ensure you have the necessary information and supporting documentation.

Concur Employee Reimbursements - Citi Payments & Out of Pocket


  • Detailed business purpose: Why, Date
  • Report header
  • 29-billing code (not including object code)
  • Commonly use expense types
  • Scanned receipts or missing receipt affidavit (MRA)

HCOM Non-Employee Reimbursements


  • Detailed business purpose: Who, what, when, where, why
  • 33-digit billing code
  • Signed, original HCOM Non-Employee reimbursement form & original receipt(s) or MRA

HCOM Transactions


  • Quote/pricing obtained from vendor for non-catalog request
  • 33-digit billing code
  • Invoice initialed and dated by requesting department

Journal Transactions

Oracle Financials

  • Information for Journal Description field
  • 33-digit debit and credit codes
  • For payroll-related journals, include HUID and individual's full name

ASPerIN / Aurora Transactions


  • Completed I-9
  • 33-digit billing code

Time & Labor Transactions


  • Completed timesheets including:
    • HUID
    • Hours worked
    • Signed by approver/supervisor