Buy2Pay Project Resources


The Buy2Pay (B2P) project was launched to redesign and improve our buying and paying experience.  The goal is to implement a single platform that simplifies, streamlines, and removes guesswork across the shopping experience.  The B2P project is founded upon a strong collaborative partnership with FAD, HUIT and the Tubs to implement a solution that makes it easier for end users, and meet the varied requirements of the Schools/Tubs across the University. 

For more information, read our Buy2Pay ePro Roll-out Fact Sheet.  Support resources for early adopting departments (go live date of April 2020) can be found on the FAS Buy2Pay Project User Group on SharePoint (Harvard Key Required).  Go live assignments for the FAS were announced in July 2020. A full list of cohort assignments can be found here.


eProcurement Resources

Buy2Pay eProcurement is rolling out in phases called Cohorts from April 2020 - December 2020. Once your department has gone live in the new system, all procurement purchasing, payment requests, and non-employee reimbursements will take place in Buy2Pay and you will no longer use HCOM for purchasing.

Supplier Portal Resources

The Supplier Portal went live on June 3, 2019. Training for FAS community members will be offered in June 2019 - view the current ASAP training schedule here

More information on the GLACIER process and detailed instructions about processing payments for foreign suppliers can be found on the Non-Resident Alien Tax Compliance page.

These resources are intended to be shared with Suppliers, in particular, individuals,  who may have questions about how to register in the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal. Both a downloadable PDF and online instructions are available to be shared with your Suppliers.


The project, comprised of several procurement modules, will officially kick off in July 2018 with an anticipated phased rollout in FY20/21.

The first module to go-live in the new Buy2Pay system is the Supplier Portal which allows new suppliers to self-register in Harvard’s procurement system and facilitates the implementation of future modules of Buy2Pay.

The Buy2Pay eProcurement module roll-out kicked off in April 2020 with a pilot group of university and FAS departments. Phased roll outs, also called cohorts, are scheduled August 2020 through the end of the calendar year.

The Contracts module rolled out in December 2019, but was not automatically rolled out to FAS Deparments. If you wish to start using the Contracts module, contact Sean McQuarrie, Director of Procurement ( to discuss your contract usage.