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Tips for Prioritization Committee and PRB Presentations

Your presentation to one of the four Prioritization Committees, or subsequently to the PRB, should be a high-level, executive overview of your project that ties back to the selection criteria of Business Impact and Risk of Deferral. With that in mind, below are some general tips for your presentation:

  • Presentation matters:
    • Be clear and concise about what you’re asking for
    • Be upfront about the costs and how they break down in your proposal
    • Structure your presentation
    • Connect your presentation to the teaching, learning and research mission
  • Be data driven:
    • When discussing business impact, use specific examples such as dollars saved, staff resources saved, or number of people who would be impacted by this project
  • Demonstrate support and collaboration:
    • Mention other stakeholder groups who have expressed interest in joining your project
    • Discuss if you are extending the capabilities of an existing technology platform
    • Show that you are partnering with HUIT on your project
  • Show enthusiasm:
    • Energy, passion and excitement about your proposal will go a long way at the PRB
    • If possible, have your executive sponsor join you at the PRB

Please contact your Prioritization Committee representatives for guidance and best practices when pitching your proposal. For additional guidance on presenting to the PRB, contact Katherine Gates and Maureen Berry.